Harness the Power of Fragrance

Does the smell of chocolate make you feel warm and cared for? Does the scent of pine remind you of a childhood memory?

For thousands of years, fragrances have been used to soothe or stimulate, to calm or seduce, as a display of wealth, or for pure pleasure. Highly emotive, and directly linked to the memory centre of our brains, our sense of smell is evocatively connected to how we feel.

By harnessing the sensory power of fragrance and associating your brand with a smell, Scent.ology – the leading provider of scent branding and ambient scent solutions in South Africa – allows you to connect with your consumers, on an emotional level. Scent branding builds emotional loyalty.

Through our exclusive relationships with international partners, our fragrances and scent delivery systems are designed and developed by a team of experienced perfumers and technical scientists to provide premium scent branding solutions for your business.


Explore our large library of fragrances, or let us customise a signature fragrance in line with your scent branding strategy.


Choose a system that suits your specific needs, from aesthetically pleasing diffusers to hidden scent delivery systems that work subtly being the scenes.


Enjoy the convenience of dry vapour, dispersed by Scent.ology’s scent delivery systems, which eliminates skin contact and slippery surfaces.


Our valued partnerships give us access to only the highest quality fragrances and exclusive technologies, which meet all safety and regulatory standards.

All our fragrances are developed in compliance with the International Fragrance Association,
ensuring strict adherence to safety, purity and manufacturing standards.


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Scent Delivery Systems

We have the right system and scent to suit your business or area

Choose from Scentology’s extensive library of premium fragrances and selection of scent delivery systems to find the perfect scent branding solution for your business.

With offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, we are on hand to install,
maintain, and refill your scent delivery systems as required.


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Scent Marketing for Your Business

Distinguish Your Brand Through the Power of Scent

Science has shown that our emotional connection to scent is stronger than our ability to recall things we’ve seen. Scent marketing uses this concept to create an enhanced perception of your brand and a memorable experience for your customers, by distinguishing your offering through smell.

A subtle aroma of clean linen can soothe hotel guests and make them feel at home, while an invigorating burst of citrus can energise visitors at your mall or casino. Scent.ology’s scent delivery systems can also be customised and zoned according to your needs, like an infusion of tropical scents in the swimwear department in store, or a heightened aroma of baby powder in the infant department.

Signature fragrances can be designed and dispensed exclusively as part of your overall scent branding strategy, be it one-off memorable events, or subtly diffused across your resort.

Discover the perfect scent delivery systems for your business, or contact us today to learn more about scent branding.

Discover the perfect scent delivery systems for your business.


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Scent Branding to Suit Any Industry

Scent.ology provides scent branding solutions to a diverse range of industries. Our high quality fragrances and unique scent delivery systems can be found in these industries:

Our scent branding services also extend to events, where our customised fragrances can be skillfully diffused at any indoor venue, leaving a lasting impression on guests.


  • We have found Scent.ology’s fragrance products to be a wonderful touch to our hotels and one that I wouldn’t do without. We regularly recieve favourable comments on the fragrance in our public areas. Guests love it!!

    - Douglas – General Manager - 5 Star Hotel Group
  • On a daily basis Clients walk in and comment on how lovely our shop smells compared to other Nail Salons which reek of very strong unpleasant smells. Several clients commented that even if they were blind folded they would know they were in our store due to our Signature smell.

    - Natalie – Nail & Beauty Salon Owner
  • After experiencing the difference in my home with Scent.ology’s products, I had to take another for my office. We absolutely love their products and scents. Definitely recommend Scent.ology to anyone looking for that special something extra in their home.

    - Raymond – Home Owner – Cape Town
  • Thank you Scent.ology for the great service and products. Our shops smell fantastic. What a difference!

    - Lawrence - CEO – Gaming and Betting
  • At Engen we were having problems with bad odours, Scent.ology offered to help us with a solution. They have delivered a product far beyond my expectations as not only have they eliminated the bad odour but also fragranced my store and office. It is not just a product that they offer but the after services are phenomenal! I would recommend Scent.ology to all forecourts and everyone else.

    - Deon – Engen Forecourt Owner

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Scent.ology’s “out of sight” system diffuses high quality liquid fragrances into a dry vapour before being integrated into the existing air conditioning or ventilation system. This system can be modified to accommodate any size area.

Various other diffusion systems are available. From Scent.ology’s stand-alone diffusion system which is a small, attractive, quiet and efficient system that can be wall-mounted, attached to aircon systems or stand alone. Small area battery operated systems also available.

Scent.ology’s room fragrance sprays. Used to manually scent any small area from bedrooms to offices and from toilets to vehicles.

Reed diffusers can be used in smaller spaces. Best for rooms, bathrooms, meeting areas etc.

Oil burners can be used in smaller spaces. Best for rooms, bathrooms, meeting areas etc.

Speak to us about how scent can be used for various promotional or marketing products. From branded atomisers to hanging air fresheners.

We have a large range of fragrances that can be selected to suit any area or mood. From invigorating and energising to relaxing and calming, from natural types to sophisticated scents. We can also manufacture signature fragrances to suit your brand. Adherence to the strictest of international health & safety regulations.

Scent.ology offers a wide range of services from initial installation to full turn-key maintenance services.

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